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Shipping Container Housing

Shipping Containers converted to houses and offices

Shipping containers are a great use for housing as well as storage and office use.


Shipping container housing is a new industry where you actualy purchase shipping containers to be turned into a housing unit like a tiny house or a green friendly housing unit.


Stocor provides rental units to be used for on-site housing and office or field trailers for mobile office use.


Stocor can modify shipping containers to be used as an on-site cabin home made out of a shipping container or a housing unit for temporary housing made out of a shipping container for house use.


Containerized housing units also known as shipping containers converted into houses are wind and water tight, rodent free.


You can add doors, windows, heat, electric, lighting and much more to any container to make it a livable shipping container home.

Home Renovation Container Options
Shipping Container Garden Shed
MODS shipping container housing
Shipping Container with Kitchen
OSB Panel Storage Container
Ventless Heat Storage Container
Shipping container with bathroom
Construction of A Shipping Container
MODS shipping containers with shower
Shipping Container Modifications
Shipping Container Glass Door
Shipping Container Home
Shipping Container Open Side
Awesome Shipping Container Home
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