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20' Portable Storage Container Options

Rent or purchase a 20' portable storage container in Wisconsin and Minnesota

20' Standard Container

20' Standard Storage containers are great for residential moving customers and smaller commercial locations on jobsites

20' storage containers are considered a standard size container.


Our 20' containers fit in a single parking lot space and can be relocated and delivered on our smaller truck to residential and commercial sites with ease. 


20' Double Door Container

20' Double doors designed to have a way to load and unload items from either side

Our 20' double door containers are designed to have a way to load and unload items from either side of the container as well as be able to drive larger equipment all the way through. Also known as the "tunnel" container.

20' Open Side Container

20' Open Side containers give you full access to all sides of the shipping container both end doors open

Our 20' open side containers give you full access to all sides of the container. Both of the end doors open as well as the entire side.

20' High Cube Container

Our 20' high cube shipping containers provide an extra tall shipping container height over 1 foot

Our 20' high cube storage containers are 9ft 6in tall on the exterior. They are 1ft taller than the standard height container.

20' Office


(Various Layouts Available)

Our 20' office containers are equipped with desks, drawing tables, electric, lighting, and much more!

Our 20' mobile office containers are great for the winter and summer months, built with foam insulation, interior desks, drawing tables and more!

Click Here For Layouts

20' Open Top Container

Our 20' open top containers provide an open access to the entire top of the container with a tarp on the shipping container to hold items

Our 20' top containers give you full access to the top of the container making it easier to load items with a forklift or bucket.

20' Roll Up Door  Container

Stocor has modification options to customize a container with roll up doors like a garage style storage container

Our 20' roll-up door container is an easy way to access the contents inside but still have security in mind. Fully customized at our location and delivered to you with the ease of a roll-up door.

20' Contractor PROPOD

Contractor Pro Pod.jpg

Our 20' contractor pro container is designed specifically for the needs of customers both residential or commercial needing organized storage with shelving on the inside as well as the arm brackets on the outside able to support pipe, ladders, boards, etc.

Example of uses for our 20' containers:

  • Residential moving containers

  • Agricultural

  • Welding house

  • Extra warehouse storage

  • Tool sheds

  • Retail storage

  • Auto Mechanic

  • Business record storage

  • Disaster relief


  • Office file storage

  • Schools on-site and off-site storage

  • Restaurant supplies

  • Entertainment housing

  • Hospital storage

  • Emergency response

  • Construction job-site materials

  • Electrical Engineering storage and organization


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