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20' & 40' Mobile Office Containers/Trailers for Rent 

20' Standard Office Container

Our 20' office container is great for commercial jobsites for an employee to work remotely

40' Standard Office Container

Our 40' office containers are equipped with heat, lighting, desks, drawing tables and much more

20' 1/2 Office 1/2 Storage


Our 20' office layout provides an easy access storage area with shelving as well as a small office space to hook up your computer for remote access

40' 1/2 Office 1/2 Storage Container

Our 40' half office half storage job trailer office container provides storage on one end with lighting and shelving and office on the other

20' Visitor Container

StoCor visitor container-2.jpg

40' Breakroom Container

Our 40' breakroom office container job trailer is an open concept layout giving you space to set up tables and chairs for employees and a countertop to set items on or plug items in

  If you are in need of a mobile office trailer to place on your job site for the convience and accesibility we have what you need!


We have both 20' and 40' office containers equipped with collapsible desks as well as drawing tables making it simple to set up your work area the way you would like it.


Readily accessible mobile office space helps keep business operations running smoothly. Whether you need a single mobile office unit to serve as a construction office or a large mobile office complex, Stocor offers the broadest range of modular mobile office space solutions in the industry. Whatever business you’re in, we have a mobile office to keep you in business.


When your organization needs temporary mobile office space, Stocor ensures you have the right product for your needs. All our mobile office units are constructed using durable, high quality materials and are supported by the best customer service in the industry.


Consider our mobile offices and office trailers for any of the following applications and more:



  • Construction job site mobile office trailer

  • Administrative mobile office trailers

  • Sales mobile office

  • Field mobile office or lab

  • Training mobile office trailer


Our mobile office containers are designed to meet national and state building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes, and arrive to your site clean and ready for use. Standard and customized floor plans are available, as well as, steps, ramps, security screens and furniture.


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