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Stocor Provides Portable Storage Containers for any Industry!

We can provide portable storage containers, shipping containers, connex boxes, and moving containers for any industry! If you need extra storage for inventory, paperwork, or tools you can rent a container today!


We also provide job trailers and mobile office containers for on-site field offices or temporary living quarters. Stocor strives to provide custom solutions for nearly any industry!


Click the links below for common industry examples to use portable storage containers on-site.


Stocor provides portable containers to Walmart, Kohls, Wallgreens, Target, Menards and many other large retail businesses for extra storage space on-site


Stocor provides on-site storage containers for jobsites and construction as well as job trailers and mobile office containers


Industrial industries storage options in Wisconsin
Shipping containers are great options for housing or storage for the military, camp douglas shipping containers, fort mccoy storage containers



Portable Storage and Shipping Containers provide great options for farm storage and agriculture businesses


School storage and renovation storage in Wisconsin


Housing in shipping containers for Military and government
Stocor provides shipping containers for rental and purchase to oil and gas companies in WI

Oil & Gas


Store many different items such as beds, lamps, lighting, linens and overflow inventory into a storage container on-site at your hotel or motel location

Utilities & Energy

Storage for electrical and utility companies


Wisconsin hospitals serviced by Stocor with shipping containers and storage options
Stocor provides shipping containers and portable storage containers to be used on-site by car dealers or automotive businesses



Restaurant remodels are stressfull call stocor for a portable storage container to store furniture and serving supplies while remodel takes place
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