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Shipping Containers for Sale

20' New 1 Trip Containers
20' Storag Container New 1 Trip Purchase
20' New 1 Trip Container Purchase Options in Wisconsin
20' Used Containers
20' Used Shipping Container for sale in Wisconsin
20' Used Containers for sale in Wisconsi
20' Used As-Is Containers
20' Used wind an water tight containers for sale in Wisconsin
20' Used Containers for sale in Wisconsin
40' New 1 Trip Containers
40' New 1 Trip Containers for sale in Wisconsin
40' New 1 Trip Contaners Interior for sale in Wisconsin
40' Used Containers
40' Used Containers to purchase in Wisconsin
40' Used Contaners for sale in Wisconsn Shipping Containers
40' Used As-Is Containers
40' Used Shipping Containes for sale in Wisconsin
40' Used Shipping Containers for sale in Wisconsin

40' Used High Cube (9'6" Height) also available!

Other New 1 Trip Containers Available for Sale

(Typically Grey, Tan or White in color)

  • 10' Standard Container

  • 16' Standard Container

  • 20' Double Door (Tunnel Container)

  • 20' High Cube Container

  • 20' High Cube Double Door Container

  • 20' Open Side Container

  • 20' Office Container

  • 20' Office / Storage Combo Container

  • 20' Open Top Container

  • 20' Roll Up Door Container

  • 20' Contractor PRO Container (Shelving & Pipe Rack)

  • 24' Standard Container

  • 40' Double Door Container (Tunnel Container)

  • 40' High Cube Container

  • 40' High Cube Double Door Container

  • 40' High Cube Open Side Container

  • 40' Open Side Container

  • 40' Office Container

  • 40' Office / Storage Combo Container

  • 40' Breakroom Container

  • 40' Open Top Container

  • 40' Roll Up Door Container

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Largest Inventory of Shipping Containers for Sale in Wisconsin!

Grades of Containers

Containers sizes are standardized; however, they age at different rates. There is no universal grading system for containers, but the universal language for describing containers is: one-trip/"new"; cargo-worthy; wind and water tight; "as is."


Here are descriptions of what each means:

One Trip / New Containers : The container was manufactures in China and shipped to the U.S. It is being sold to you relatively quickly after arrival in the US

Cargo - Worthy : The container is no longer considered "new", but it is still certified to ship goods overseas. It is wind and water tight and structurally can handle the rigors of overseas shipping.

Used WWT : The container is used but wind and water tight. While it may be cargo-worthy, a qualified surveyor has not inspected it to ensure that it is with certification.

As-Is : The container may have a leak or damage, rust, patches and cosmetic issues.

Come Visit us at our yard location to see our current inventory of shipping containers for sale.
Please give us a call to set up a container showing appointment.
 24 hours notice is appreciated and will ensure there is someone on-site to meet with you.
Contact Lisa or Toni at (715) 318 - 9831 or
Yard Locations with Used & New Shipping Containers for Sale
845 WI-73 S Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494 OR
6 260th Street Osceola, WI 54020

Stocor prides itself on offering top quality used shipping containers for sale.

Also known as steel storage containers, these shipping containers are an excellent, low-cost storage solution that provides a dry, water tight environment with easy ground level accessibility.


These steel containers are rugged and durable, and provide a safe and secure shed for tools and equipment. For added protection, secure lock-boxes can be easily installed on any of our steel storage containers.


From the Greater Wisconsin area, Stocor Portable Storage will arrange delivery of your shipping container to the exact location you desire.


Whether you call them freight containers, steel storage containers, pods, cargo containers, connex container, conex boxes or dry freight containers, they all mean the same thing to us …an inspected and graded portable steel storage container.


If you want to buy a 20' shipping container or a 40' shipping container, call Stocor Portable Storage and we'll fill your order with the product you need.

Storage Containers / Shipping Containers also known as:

  • Shipping Containers for Sale 

  • Storage Containers for Sale

  • Used Shipping Containers for Sale in Wisconsin

  • Used Storage Containers for sale in Wisconsin

  • Seabox containers for sale

  • Used seabox containers for sale in Wisconsin

  • Conex containers for sale in Wisconsin

  • Used conex containers for sale in Wisconsin

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