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40' Portable Storage Container Options

Stocor provides many sizes and types of 40' shipping containers to provide for on-site storage for residential and commercial customers

40' Standard Container

Our 40' standard portable storage units are designed with structure and stability as well as security on your jobsite

40' storage containers are also considered a standard size container.


Our 40' containers are typically used for commercial and business properties for both long-term storage as well as short-term jobs.

40' High Cube Double Door  Container

They highcube double door shipping containers have an extra 1ft of height in addition to the tunnel style opening

Our 40' high cube double door storage containers have an extra 1ft of height in the addition to doors on both ends providing more light in the container and access to each end.

40' Double Door Container

Our 40' double door containers are convenient way to store large equipment in a container or have a forklift drive all the way through

Our 40' double door containers are a convenient way to store large equipment or so that you can simply just access your items from either end of the container. Also known as a "tunnel" container.

40' Open Top Container

Our 40' open top shipping containers are great for storing salt, or other large bagged items to be loaded over the top of the container

Our 40' open top containers provide a full open concept throughout the entire top of the storage container, used for a need to fill over the top not through the doors.

40' High Cube Container

They are 9ft 6in tall on the exterior, 1 ft taller than a normal shipping container height

Our 40' high cube storage containers are 9ft 6in tall on the exterior and 8ft 10in on the interior. They are 1ft taller than the standard height container.

40' Roll Up Door Container

Our 40' roll up door storage containers provide an easier open access like a garage style mini storage in Wisconsin

Our 40' roll-up door is an easy way to access the contents inside but still have security in mind. Full customized at our location and ready to be delivered to you!

40' Office


(Various Layouts Available)

Click Here For Layouts

Our 40' office containers are equipped with desks, drawing tables, container with lighting, container with heat, and much more

Example of uses for our 40' containers:

  • Office or break room in agriculture field

  • Carpet storage for hospitality or other remodel job-sites

  • Construction job-site storage

  • Tool sheds

  • Cabins or housing containers

  • Retail storage

  • Auto Mechanic storage

  • Disaster relief

  • Business record storage

  • Welding house

  • Portable buildings

  • Seasonal decoration storage

  • School supplies storage

  • Battery housing

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