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Agriculture Storage Container Options

Stocor provides portable storage containers to be delivered to your agriculture or farm business that will fit any of your specific storage needs.


If your looking for a mobile office job trailer to be set on the farm location for seasonal work, overflow storage of your harvest, workshop space, a secure option for storing heavy equipment or a clean, dry container to store your tools. Stocor has it all!


Our 20' and 40' on-site storage containers are wind and water tight and rodent free.

Our rental fleet containers have good doors and seals to protect any items you plan to store inside.


We also provide a "breakroom" container to be used on those hot days in the field to give your employees an air conditioned space to refuel for the remainder of their working day.


Visit our on-site storage container page for more information on those specific sizes.



Stocor provides shipping containers for storage on farms and agriculture business

Examples of Agriculutre and Farm Use for Portable Storage Containers:

  • Job trailers and mobile office containers for on-site use

  • Breakroom storage containers for a "cool" down location

  • Temporary housing for workers during harvest

  • Wind and water tight storage options for harvest overflow

  • Heavy Equipment or farm tool storage

  • Rodent-resistant feed and seed storage

Stocor is always looking for new ways to provide simplicity and new storage container options for all industries. If you have a specific application in mind give us a call and we can discuss custom modification options to meet nearly any of your thoughts or needs for portable storage on-site.

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