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Oil & Gas Storage Container Options

Stocor provides portable storage containers to be delivered to your Oil & Gas Company  to be used for on-site storage or for moving supplies and equipment from one location to another.


Our containers are secure, durable and portable, call stocor today for more information!


Providing multiple sizes and types of shipping containers for your oil and gas storage needs.


Visit our On-Site storage page for more information on our 20' and 40' container sizes for on-site storage use.



Stocor provide portable containers to your job location in either a gas plant or storage for oil plants

Examples of Oil & Gas Business Use for Portable Storage Containers:

  • Field Office - Mobile Office Container available for many uses

  • Housing units - Shipping containers used as temporary housing

  • Dining or breakroom facilities

  • First Aid building option

  • Secure storage for supplies and equipment

  • Data center housing

  • Oil & Gas storage bins

Stocor is always looking for new ways to provide simplicity and new storage container options for all industries. If you have a specific application in mind give us a call and we can discuss custom modification options to meet nearly any of your thoughts or needs for portable storage on-site.

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