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Stocor portable shipping containers will also protect your belongings and keep them safe and clean while you are renovating and or remodeling your home.


Whether it is putting in a new floor or a complete remodel, a moving storage pod will make the transition between old and new smooth. Keeping your possesions safe and removed from the mess of remodeling will ease your mind.


Instead of moving everything into other rooms or the garage, making those rooms also unusable, we can deliver a storage pod to your site for you. You can have easy access at all times to your secure unit on site during your project.


If you would want the packed container out of site – out of mind then give us a call once you have the portable storage container loaded and we will move it to our storage facility until you are ready and want it back.



Our portable containers can even be effective if you are simply just running out of space. A few other uses may be a storage room, garage, or garden shed or for use to sort and de-clutter.


You can have a storage container delivered right to your doorstep or placed in your backyard for extra storage. No room on your property to store the container for long term use? You can store your container at our secure mobile container storage facility.

Our containers have a tamper resistant lock box for added security.

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