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Portable Moving and Storage Container Options and Information



Stocor portable storage has been providing convenient, clean, and ground level storage containers to both residential and commercial storage for many different needs. Portable storage containers can be used for moving, on-site storage, job sites, mobile offices, modular housing, modular buildings, pod moving, freight handeling, and much much more.


We offer 10', 20' and 40' units available to be used as a moving pod, on-site storage, office trailer, container self storage, storage bins, storage containers, commercial and residential storage use.


Our storage containers are built with an all steel structure for moving and storage solutions. We are not typically a moving company but can provide you with a fast delivery of a portable storage unit used for storing and hauling your goods and or household items. What does the moving storage cost? Give us a call at 715 423 7368 for a free estimate today! We will give you all of the information you will need to be fully accepting and ready for a fast, convienent, efficient way to move your belongings to your new location with our portable storage relocation and moving services.


Portable Storage containers are also known as moving pods, container storage, storage bins, conex box, used shipping containers, freight containers, iso shipping container, metal shipping containers, steel storage bins, steel storage containers, cargo containers for rent, dryvan containers, van containers, vans storage, wisconsin trailers, mobile trailers, container storage, modular building, and many others.


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