Stocor Portable Storage - Levelly Loading & Unloading Your Portable Storage Containers

Our Swing-Thru crane system is designed to levelly load and unload portable storage containers, shipping containers, conex containers and moving containers. It prevents your items inside to be tilted or shifted during transportation. Our crane equipment can side load and side unload up to 10,000 Lbs. inside the container with ease.


This equipment will need about a double wide driveway worth of width for our driver to back in and off load the container to the left or right hand side.


Our moving containers are the largest in the industry and can hold about a 3 bedroom home worth of contents for moving and storage purposes.

Swing - Thru Crane Trailer
Our Swing- Thru Container handling system is levelly unloading a storage container for moving filled with our customers household goods to be delivered to their new home.
Levelly Loading & Unloading Storage
Our moving containers can hold up to 10,000 pounds to be levelly loaded and unloaded throughout the state of Wisconsin.
Stocor Portable Storage Moving Units
Rent a portable storage container for moving and storage, let Stocor do the transportation with our levelly loading and unloading swing thru crane trailer system for shipping containers.
Our driver unloading a moving storag
Stocor portable storage provides moving and storage options with our shipping containers throughout the state of Wisconsin and the surrounding states such as Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan and Illinois!
Levelly Load & Unload Side to Side
Our swing-thru crane system for side loading shipping containers prevents items from breaking inside the container while being transported and moved.
Ground Level Storage Containers
Our containers are levelly loaded and unloaded and set onto your property ground level for easily loading and unloading in and out of the container.
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